Realtor Services Bar Harbor Boats

A Professional Relationship

Brunner & Gelinas Attorneys at Law have an established relationship with area Realtors. We know the value of the Realtor’s role in a closing, and we are committed to keeping them informed throughout the entire process. We also work to ensure that their clients, whether buyers or sellers, are kept up to date from start to finish of the process.

A Complimentary Review

To protect the interests of a buyer or a seller, we will provide a complimentary review of a Purchase and Sale agreement. The documents can be faxed or e-mailed to our office. After they are reviewed, we will speak to the client about any recommended changes we believe are necessary to protect their rights.

In-House Title Examinations

Our ability to conduct title examinations at our offices lets us identify and resolve potential issues before the closing date. Even when our offices represent the sellers, we complete a one-owner rundown to research any undischarged mortgages or liens on record.

An Experienced Staff

Our office offers a full range of services because our attorneys have a thorough knowledge of the closing process, including the required documentation and the numerous issues that can arise. Our office and our staff are committed to making the closing process one that is comfortable and easy to understand. Contact us at

Order Your Title From Our Website

To order a title form, you may fax your request to (413) 734-2925. To order online, click here or contact us at