Real Estate Closing Somers barn 2006

Time Sensitive Services

Our staff is sensitive to quick turnaround times and expiring commitments, and will work closely with lenders and clients to expedite closings at the borrowers’ convenience.


Our procedures for real estate closings are fully automated through regularly updated software that compiles loan information, balances disbursements, issues title commitments, and policies, and produces closing documents that can be revised as necessary. We receive and send documents electronically ensuring that all parties are kept informed about their closings.


The closing attorneys have a thorough knowledge of the law with more than 24 years of experience for Attorney Brunner, more than 15 years experience for Attorney Gelinas, and more than 11 years for Attorney Rivet. They enjoy working with clients and make borrowers feel comfortable during their closings. The attorneys believe that the closing documents signed by the borrowers should be fully explained, and they encourage questions. Our office is your local connection, placing familiar faces in a process which can involve lenders and consumers who may never meet.

Online Connection

Our office has made the closing process easy for lenders to communicate with us so we can be kept up to date and make all necessary changes. These changes are part of every closing and we respond quickly to resolve any issues. E-mail packages are received by us and sent to us, and we use electronic wiring to receive and send funds. Our office has several in-house title examiners who will thoroughly and quickly examine titles to meet deadlines. After the closings, packages will be immediately returned to Lenders with the title insurance policies. Contact us at