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Real Estate Closing & Mortgage Lending Services

Our law office provides assistance for purchases, refinances and sales closings for lenders and title companies nationwide. We also represent individual consumers and local lenders with residential and commercial closings. We work extensively with out of state lenders and attorneys across the country to assist in understanding the real estate practices in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Whether you are a first time homebuyer or a seasoned seller, our real estate closing will keep you informed and on time with few surprises. 

For borrowers, buyers, and sellers, our attorneys, who focus on real estate law, and our professional staff make your experience productive and pleasant.

Purchase and Sale Agreements

For residential closings, we will review the Purchase and Sale Agreement and make necessary changes at no charge. This agreement is an important contract affecting every aspect of a client’s purchase or sale. We will make sure clients have a thorough understanding of the contract’s provisions before they sign it. As we review the Purchase and Sale Agreement for a client, we look out for the client’s interests and make changes to the Agreement as necessary.

Lender Affiliations

We are on the closings list with most regional lenders and many national lenders, and approved to handle closings for them. If we are not listed with your lender, we can request our firm’s inclusion on their list and approval to handle your closing.

Title Examinations

Our attorneys and title examiners complete thorough title examinations to ensure the title is free and clear of any issues before you purchase a property. If you are selling a property, we perform title rundowns to take care of any title issues prior to closing.

A Thorough Service

We have attorneys with more than fifteen years experience focusing on real estate. Additionally, we have a responsive and reliable support staff to answer your questions and help expedite the closing process.

A Convenient Service

Our fees are competitive, and we offer discounts to prior clients. Using our website, we can request and receive documents from lenders and make any last-minute revisions in addition to corresponding with the parties. We can arrange for sellers to sign their documents in advance and not require their presence at closing. We automatically include a Declaration of Homestead as part of your purchase. In addition providing you with copies of all your loan documents, we will arrange the closing at a convenient time for you.

For Sale by Owner

Some sellers decide to sell their homes without the assistance of realtors. It is a challenging job, and takes a commitment by the homeowner, but you can save thousands of dollars on realtors’ commissions. However, there are many legal issues you need to consider. If you decide to sell a home on your own, you should work with an attorney who will guide you through the legal hurdles. Our office has experience assisting clients in selling their homes without realtors. We will provide you with the documents and advice you need along the way for a successful closing.

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